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Website & Product

Website & Product

A little bit about Bondin

Bondin is founded and run by me, George Vanjek. With over 15 years in the design industry, I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse companies, startups, and agencies—and even launching a few ventures myself.

All this experience and the incredible talents I’ve met along the way inspired me to create Bondin.

Here, we bring together some of the best designers I’ve encountered to help our partners achieve their goals through impactful design.

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How we can help

By focusing on improving design fundamentals and investing in key visual elements on your website, we can significantly enhance the user experience. This will lead to higher signup rates and a reduced bounce rate, while establishing a consistent look and strong branding presence.

These improvements shouldn’t be limited to the website alone. We recommend applying the same design upgrades to your product to ensure a cohesive and unified look and feel across all platforms. This consistency will reinforce your brand identity and improve overall user engagement.

Potential impact


bounce rate


branding recognition


signup increase

Product before & after

We've updated this screen with a modern look, applying current design principles to improve aesthetics and usability. The redesign was based solely on the available screenshot, focusing on visual enhancements while preserving core functionality.

Let's work together

Introduce yourself, tell us about your products, your dreams, your goals. We'll show you how we handle things from our perspective.