Shopping is a journey and shoppers need a guide


Remark’s goal is to make every shopper feel like a VIP by pairing them with real experts when product insight is needed most.

We collaborated with Remark to serve three different types of users, ensuring that every part of the platform works in harmony.


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Our collaboration with Remark results a cohesive platform that efficiently serves vendors, experts, and shoppers.

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Shoppers need a tailored experience and often didn’t know where to start.


We crafted a friendly and inviting chat interface that enables users to get professional assistance in their decision-making process.


We designed a builder that enables vendors to create engaging content by upcycling 1:1 synchronous interactions into dedicated landing pages. These pages allow future customers to discover and learn more about their products.


Experts needed a ‘control panel’ to effectively handle user requests.

We designed an 'Experts Hub' where they can analyze their work, ratings, earnings, metrics, etc. which helps experts to grow their knowledge and advance their skills.

…one of the most impressive aspects of George's approach is his strong technical understanding of product. He designs with a clear comprehension of practical constraints, ensuring that his ideas are not only innovative but also achievable and within the bounds of reason. This balance of creativity and realism has been invaluable in turning concepts into successful, functional designs.

Theo Satloff

Co-founder & CEO



Recognizing the potential, we helped Remark to introduce AI capabilities to their product.

We introduced ‘Personas’—AI experts trained with vendor data to autonomously engage in conversations that help shoppers make informed decisions.

Additionally, we developed AI tools to assist experts in serving shoppers and utilized AI to generate content for dedicated landing pages.


Vendors needed a ‘command center’ to ensure efficient operations and make real-time adjustments.

We built an intuitive dashboard that allows vendors to easily track important stats and metrics, enabling them to take actions aligned with their goals.

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